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Justin Alexander Signature redefines luxury. With its focus on opulence and drama, the collection is designed for the modern bride seeking a wedding dress that expresses her lavish and on-trend sense of style.

Me & Luce Bridal Lounge Carmarthen | Justin Alexander


Our latest collection celebrates the divine beauty of the goddess, reflected in a series of unforgettable wedding dresses empowering every bride to believe in herself as the true force of nature she truly is.

Me & Luce Bridal Lounge Carmarthen | Justin Alexander


Alan Hannah is at the forefront of innovative wedding dress design.  All of our wedding gowns are proudly made in London, UK. With over 25 years of experience, our designer, Marguerite Hannah is one of the most respected and experienced couturiers working in England today. 

Me & Luce Bridal Lounge Carmarthen | Alan Hannah Bridal


Lovingly handmade in Ukraine, these wedding dresses are at the forefront of design. Having been in the fashion industry since 1991, when wedding dresses were going through a monotonous period; Oksana strived for something different! Starting off with Evening Gowns, her & her daughter Katerina have brought the brand to the world! 

Me & Luce Bridal Lounge Carmarthen | Oksana Mukha


Rara Avis Group as a wedding brand was founded in 2008. There are no small details in wedding preparations, and every bride tries to be special, beautiful, and unique. We wanted, and what was more important, we could do more for them. From trouser suits, to separates and stunning wedding dresses! 

Click the image for our SALE Rara Avis Gowns
From £650  |  Sizes 6 - 22

Me & Luce Bridal Lounge Carmarthen | Rara Avis
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